The Dampier Archipelago

The Dampier Archipelago is a playground and underwater haven for scuba divers! Forty-two stunning islands make up this archipelago which was formed 7,000 years ago and it’s underlying rocks are among the oldest on earth, formed more than 2400 million years ago!

The archipelago is also made up of reefs, shoals, channels and straits and it’s the traditional home of five Aboriginal language groups. The archipelago has phenomenal marine resources and you’ll find vibrant coral reefs, sponge gardens and more than 650 species of fish. It is also home to green, hawksbill, and flatback turtles that nest on its beaches. Dugongs, whales and dolphins have also been spotted in surrounding waters. Island wildlife includes wader birds and wallabies.

It’s no wonder that our day trips to the Dampier Archipelago are among our favourites!

Diving in the Dampier Archipelago is suitable for all levels – whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional you’ll be captivated by an impressive underwater world which is teeming with life and bursting with colour.

Take a look at what a day trip to the Dampier Archipelago with us has in store for you:

Beginner Divers
If you are new to diving (or have dived before but are not yet certified) you can still experience the wonders of the Dampier Archipelago.

Join us for a day trip and you’ll not only enjoy stunning scenery and the chance to spot terrestrial wildlife and birds on the way there, you might also see dolphins and even humpback whales breaching (from July to October).

Prior to diving you’ll receive basic instruction and safety information before taking your first breaths underwater. One of our experienced and professional PADI Instructors will be by your side from start to finish to ensure your comfort and show you some of the most impressive sea life. You’ll see first-hand what most people only ever experience through the television. But be warned…. Once you’ve dived in the Dampier Archipelago you won’t want to stop!!

Take a look at our trip information and prices here:

Certified Divers
Whether you are newly Certified PADI Open Water Diver or a professional wanting to explore a different area, the Dampier Archipelago is an underwater wonderland. As we cruise through this ancient region, keep an eye overboard for marine life jumping… or breaching!

Not Dived in While?
No problem! If it’s been some time since your last dive, we can also complete the PADI Reactivate (refresher dive) during your trip to the Dampier Archipelago. You’ll recap some of the basic skills with your instructor before diving – including how to put your equipment together, buoyancy and emergency procedures. ReActivate dives are a great way to get back into the swing of being underwater, while taking in incredible marine life along the way!

Day Trips
Our day trip takes around 6 hours in total and you’ll make one or two dives (according to your booking) with one of our experienced team – who are experts at navigating the dive sites and spotting some of the most iconic marine species. Our surface intervals are usually filled with non-stop chatter about who saw what and how big it was!

If you are an underwater photographer, the diving in Dampier is suitable for both macro and wide-angle shooting, either way, you won’t be disappointed by the fantastic photography opportunities!

Take a look at our trip information and prices here.

But don’t just take our word for it………

Best Dive Experience in the Pilbara (5 stars / Tripadvisor)

Did you know there is incredible diving to be done in the environs around Karratha and the Dampier Archipelago?

Did you know you know you can take a dive course and learn all range of PADI courses?

No? – well it’s time to get on board and get into the ocean to enjoy all the Pilbara has to offer!!

I completed my PADI Rescue Diver course with Nat, and I am looking forward to joining them for many more times in the future for dives! Great teacher, great experience and I fully recommend.

So are you ready to experience the Dampier Archipelago underwater with us? Pilbara Dive and Tours is a PADI registered Dive Centre in Western Australia so you can rest assured that your safety and comfort are our priority. We provide full equipment hire included in the price of our Dampier Archipelago trips and we also have a shop on site, should you wish to purchase any gear or accessories prior to diving.

If you’d like to make a reservation or have any questions then contact us or send us an email to

We look forward to Scuba diving Western Australia with you soon!