Pyroflex 1.5mm rash guards don’t just provide protection from scrapes and stings, they provide bona fide thermal protection with a revolutionary design and high tech materials ideal for tropical diving, snorkeling, or pool training. Made with special water repellant, high-stretch Everflex X-Foam neoprene on the outside and a combination of fleece and plush on the inside, these tops offer warmth, comfort and lots of range of motion, plus they dry quickly. Available in a choice of long or short sleeves, Pyroflex rash guards help keep divers and snorkelers warm when spending long period of time in the water, and they are also great for layering. Part Number Size.

• Totally new approach to rash guard design provides divers and snorkelers with genuine thermal protection, something you won’t find with rash guards made from other fabrics.
• Quality exterior Everflex, an X-Foam neoprene formulation, is lightweight, durable and a highly efficient insulator for heat retention.
• High tech plush and fleece interior linings reduce water flow and provide both comfort and extra warmth.
• Design helps block water intrusion to reduce convection.
• Provides effective insulation under water as well as at the surface.
• A slightly higher neck collar delivers maximum comfort and protects from BC chafing.
• High-stretch neoprene is easy to don and doff and offers excellent range of motion.